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Georgia Unit Events

February  2020
Top of Georgia Airstream Park

Park Overview

The Top of Georgia Airstream Park is nestled in a small section of private land within the Chatahoochee National Forest in north Georgia, along a designated scenic highway. The resources and isolation of the forest provide vast opportunities for outdoor adventures. The Appalachian Trail follows the ridge line up the hill from the park.


From above you can see our little slice of Heaven, nestled in the North Georgia mountains



This is a typical summer day in the mountains of north Georgia. We love it.  tog_pine_pavilion2.jpg

The park has several sheltered pavilions with swings and benches for relaxation or impromptu gatherings.tog_winter2.jpg

In winter, we get snow. Three to six inch accumulation occurs occasionally. Between these events the snow melts and winter days can be sunny and mild as well.tog_fall2.jpg

The park is at the southern end of the Appalachian mountains of the eastern United States. Fall leaves are spectacular with crisp sunny days common.