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Top of Georgia Airstream Park


Effective April 1, 2022

Daily rates: $20 for TOG and all WBCCI (ACI) members/$25 for all non-WBCCI (ACI) members

Monthly rates: $375 Upon Approval for TOG regular and affiliate members. See host for details.

Storage: $2.50/day ($75/Month)

Surcharge of $2/day ($60 per month) for anyone using 50 amp service, includes using the 30A/30A to 50A Y-connectors.

Attention: Neither the Unit, the Park, nor its officers are responsible for the loss of or damage to property or for injury to or death of a person on the premises of any club or non-club function. This freedom from responsibility for loss or damage to property applies regardless of whether that property has been received by any member or officer, left upon the premises, whether it is inhabited or uninhabited.